The Reconstruction of Kurt Schwitters'
MERZ Building
by Peter Bissegger, 1981-1983

250º Aufnahme ©Emil Schulthess, Zürich

It was Dr Harald Szeemann who initiated the reconstruction of the MERZ Building by Kurt Schwitters in Waldhausenstrasse 5A, Hanover, which was destroyed during the Second World War.
In Szeemann's exhibition "Der Hang zum Gesamtkunstwerk" (Tendencies Toward the Total Work of Art), shown in the Zurich Kunsthaus in 1983 and later in Düsseldorf, Wien und Berlin, the MERZ Building represented an "indispensible central work". He commissioned Peter Bissegger, Intragna, Switzerland to make a reconstruction.

The MERZ Building reconstruction was installed in the Sprengel Museum Hanover,
and has since been shown in a number of  other museums.

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